Bargain Battle 7: El Ultimo Agave reposado vs. Rebano Sagrada & Caballito Cerrero (episode 73) tequila review

It’s time to play “King of the Hill” with our current reposado bargain champion, El Ultimo Agave! Since attaining the title of “Bargain Battle Champion”, this reposado has been undefeated.  Watch this episode’s thrilling smack down and see if EUA will continue its merciless reign!

It’s summertime in the Man-Cave as the spring clouds have finally parted and the sun is heating up all the little creatures (and POISONOUS PLANTS) on the mountain.  Lippy decides to crank up the surf tunes this week and regales the chat room with tales of his festering POISON OAK-enrashed leg! (will he show it on camera?)  Also watch for the winner of the weekly Fortaleza Trivia Contest.  An action-packed episode of CHAMPIONSHIP proportions!


Both Rebano Sagrado repo (NOM 1528)  & Caballito Cerrero repo (NOM 1433) were weak challengers to the mighty El Ultimo Agave.  Both had a constricted flavor profile which featured a bit too much acetone/petroleum ester in their mid-palate offerings.  Seems like the “heads & tails” cut was much too W I D E on these bargain repos (hence their cheaper price?).  Nothing to see here, keep moving, people.

El Ultimo Agave reposado on the other hand remains a solid bargain bottle.  For approximately $15 it brings a solid platform of sweet oak (if over-oaked a bit) with big notes of clove and star anise.  It’s saving grace amid this wash of thick, ham-handed flavors is its central AGAVE core which comes through pealing like a courtyard bell in a Mexican plaza at 5:00 A.M.  Challengers beware- this is your WAKE-UP CALL!  EUA needs to be watching its back however, as it’s sweet clovey-allspice flavor enhancement is starting to annoy.

Is there no agave warrior mighty enough to vanquish El Ultimo Agave?  Stay tuned for Bargain Bottle Battle 8!

3 thoughts on “Bargain Battle 7: El Ultimo Agave reposado vs. Rebano Sagrada & Caballito Cerrero (episode 73) tequila review”

  1. i watched about 30 seconds of the vid and left. i wanted to read and hear what you said but it was all too annoying.

  2. I can appreciate that I may be a bit of an “acquired taste”, deez. I hope you’ll come back to check me out again!

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