Milagro Select Barrel Reserve – blanco, reposado, anejo, tequila review (episode 74)

Is it true that beauty is only skin deep as the cliché says? Can a beautiful, hand-blown bottle be TOO attractive? Will it influence your tasting experience of the juice within? Is Th’ Lip a bit TOO HANDSOME for his own good? Watch this episode on the nature of all things gorgeous and learn about Milagro Select Barrel Reserve tequilas!

In this episode, Lippy uncorks the “gourmet variants” of Milagro’s tequila offerings: Select Barrel Reserve.  These are upscale versions of their tequilas created in an entirely different process (triple distilled) and aged in French White Oak barrels to impart a toasty sweet spice.  Do they succeed?  ..and at a price point that is fair?  Watch this show and learn about the Beauty in the Bottle!

TEQUILA Details:

BRAND: MILAGRO Select Barrel Reserve

NOM: 1559

AGAVE SOURCE: HIGHLANDS (triple distilled, aged in French Oak)


From his first sip of the Milagro Select Barrel Reserve blanco, Lippy was able to identify a HUGE upgrade from the “standard issue” Milagro juice.  These special variants are all triple distilled for a much smoother flavor without sacrificing palate-interest.  The blanco in particular brought a uniquely soft mix of sweet highlands floral, mint, black pepper and spice.  The great difference between this blanco and countless other highlands blancos is the way that the Milagro SBR is fine-tuned to be a balanced and light-sweet experience.  This is an all-night sipper that won’t be too aggressive, yet will continue to “speak” and reward the taster over a long period (say, Ken Burns’ “Civil War” epic?).

The reposado featured a surprising addition of sweet smoke to the flavor party.  While this was a welcome taste to “go to”, ultimately there wasn’t a whole lot of additional wood-influence.  Not a BAD reposado by any means, but not extra-exciting.  An addition of caramel would have helped to bring an interesting interplay to the smoke.

The anejo brought forth a surprising amount of agave while still managing the delicate balancing act that was first introduced in the blanco.  Note that this anejo is aged 3 years in French Oak – making it an actual “extra anejo” – so it’s quite a nice detail that so much of the agave flavor has been preserved.  Also the finish on the anejo grew to be a longer and more pleasurable detail that rewarded slow-sipping.  Sweet spice (in a very subtle interplay) makes the anejo well worth exploring, though the higher price influences Lippy to suggest that the intrepid taster should order a snifter at their favorite watering hole and try it out before buying an entire ($90-ish) bottle.



FLAVOR Profiles for MILAGRO  SELECT BARREL RESERVE BLANCO(out of a possible 4 points)

3 thoughts on “Milagro Select Barrel Reserve – blanco, reposado, anejo, tequila review (episode 74)”

  1. What was your favorite Milagro Select bottle, I have tried the non select. I would get the select anejo, but the 100 makes me think it may be a gimmick with the blown gas. Comments>

  2. Check out the archived show (above) David. I liked the blanco best — but found a lot to like in the anejo as well!

  3. Milagro añejo is the best, because is a select barrel, made of blue agave and
    and it has been destilated 3 times, not to mention the age.
    Only the good drinkers can tell the quality.

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