Tequila Fight! Gran Centenario vs. 1921 Reserva Especial


BarFight_Tequila_Late Nite Anejo Lovefest_01 from Lippy on Vimeo.

Lippy has a late-nite tasting of two different gourmet tequilas and invites you in on his process!

Tonite’s Tequila Fight is between 2 very special Treasure Bottles of rare and (mostly) unobtainable anejos..

1. Gran Centenario anejo (beige skirt)
2, 1921 Reserva Especial (waxtop, handwritten lot #)

Who will be the winner? Watch as Lippy gets more and more agitated (read: WASTED) & boisterous in his advocacy!

A winner WILL be declared!!

7 thoughts on “Tequila Fight! Gran Centenario vs. 1921 Reserva Especial”

  1. 1- what bar on the Peninsula has the best tequila selection?
    2- what store on the Peninsula has the best tequila selection?

    thanks…a fellow tequila fan.

  2. Hey AG!
    Thanks for all you’re doing in getting the MP3s going and the GREAT work on the Archives in general!

    Now having said that, let’s get to your TEQUILA questions.

    1. I’ll ask around about the best BAR in the Peninsula (I live in Marin). I’m sure you know about Tommy’s on Geary in the City, yes? Probably the best T bar in the Country – (especially when you consider the VINTAGE bottles below the bar –wink –wink!)

    2.. Best STORE on the Peninsula? Nahh.. they ALL suck (in SF too). Overpriced and under-stocked. Your BEST bet are two fabulous ONLINE vendors both in the SoCal area:
    — High Time Wines in Costa Mesa http://www.hitimewine.net/ Best selection, great prices and their shipping is trustworthy and QUICK.

    — Wine & Liquor Depot in the North Valley http://www.wineandliquordepot.com/tequila.htm Even better prices, but a bit less selection.

    ======= I’m happy to make some recommendations for you if you’re stuck, AG.
    Thanks again for your hard work with NY!

  3. I enjoy the whole 1921 line but I’m overly cautious with Gran Centenario due to a bad experience with a couple of platas early on. I enjoyed the first but did not enjoy the 2nd and 3rd bottles. This was years ago now. I never have tried their reposado or anejo. I seldom hear the reposado mentioned. Should I consider the anejo even though 1921 reserva won out in this taste testing?

  4. It’s DEFINITELY worth buying a bottle of the green label Gran Centenario, Rasta. It’s quickly becoming one of my top 10 anejos!
    but make sure you’re buying the GREEN label (not the current navy Blue one.

  5. Good eye — and thank you for “alerting me’. That color bar is a leftover from an original layout that I thought I was going to do on the entire site. I guess I should take it down so it doesn’t confuse, huh?

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