Chinaco blanco vs. D’Los Altos blanco (episode 0) tequila review


Lippy takes NO PRISONERS in this Blanco Battle Extraordinaire!

Two dusty treasure bottles are in the fight ring tonite, and only one will walk away the champion.

Will it be Chinaco blanco (hand-blown bottle, Fielding-Jones importers)? Or will the inexpensive but WORTHY D’Los Altos blanco (NOM 1483) reign as the winner?

Watch Lippy squat on a stool and get right to the HEART of the matter – DRINKING, of COURSE!

2 thoughts on “Chinaco blanco vs. D’Los Altos blanco (episode 0) tequila review”

  1. I have been a fan of Chinaco for awhile now, especially their anejo but really the whole line. There are times they could be better but they are never below par and I always enjoy their whole line.

    On the other hand I’ve only tried D’Los Altos anejo (once) and enjoyed it. It’s been a few years ago now. I never have tried the blanco or reposado. Is this brand worth a revisit? Btw, I got the anejo by accident thinking I was getting Corralejo. I saw the red bottle and purchased the D Los Altos by accident. 😛

    Or should I stick with tried and true 1921?

  2. What’s the NOM on that D’Los Altos, Rasta? If it’s the same NOM as I review above, by all means, KEEP IT!

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